Our Leadership

Our management team consists of experienced professionals who collectively have over 500 years of experience and specialized knowledge in various fields of engineering, project execution/delivery, and customer service. The team has successfully developed and delivered complex and challenging projects for clients in bulk materials handling and continuous mining industries across all regions, exceeding expectations and ensuring satisfaction.
Our management team is not only technologically skilled, but also proficient in leadership, communication, collaboration, and innovation. They inspire and motivate the teams, foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, and above all else, build strong and lasting relationships with their clients and partners.



Milan oversees the global ALPINE organization and boasts over 25 years of experience in Mining and Bulk Materials Handling. His expertise spans across all facets of business management, sales, and execution processes, encompassing application engineering, project management, and procurement. Milan has a track record of establishing successful organizations in the supply and service of stockyard and mining equipment, and has led the execution of over 30 major projects across the Americas, Europe, and Australia. He is deeply passionate about developing organizations that deliver tangible substantial value and collaborates closely with customers to ensure successful project outcomes and long-term prosperity.


“At ALPINE, our singular aim is to offer the best value to our customers, whether through consulting, new equipment, upgrades, or refurbishments.”


Markus is responsible for all finance activities, commercial management, and strategic planning within ALPINE. After obtaining an MBA, Markus started his career in a German based engineering and automation company as Project Controller, followed by various finance roles at Red Bull, commercially steering operations in the USA & Europe. Four years ago, Markus joined the Bulk Materials Handling industry as Global Head of Major Projects Controlling for a large multinational corporation, with employees and projects all over the globe.
“When operating in a global business, it is key to provide transparency for all stakeholder, be a proactive partner to the business, make clear and fact-based decisions, and work with a great collaborative team, in order to achieve financial prosperity internally and externally.”


Joachim is responsible for ALPINE in EMENA region. He started his carrier in Bulk Material Handling and Mining business 20 years ago, and since 2014 was responsible for engineering in several multinational organizations, managing a global team of 250+ engineers in five different countries, including mechanical, structural, electrical/controls, and project engineering teams. Joachim is an open-minded, self-driven leader with a strong technical and managerial background in mining equipment and projects, and financial focus to drive profitability. He manages and drives customer expectations and demands of internal stakeholders. Joachim is dedicated to sustainable and profitable mining development.
“I am excited to manage multi-disciplinary organizations which allow us to create and execute customized solutions for our clients and serve their needs to run a sustainable and profitable business.”


Trevor is responsible for leading ALPINE’s North American operations. He brings a wealth of experience in managing local and international project teams to drive success. He is good at recognizing talent and empowering people to use their skill sets to make their own decisions and take the initiative, while also being a coaching type of leader for people looking to further their experiences in the industry.
“It is an exciting time to be a part of ALPINE and to grow the business globally and locally. I look forward to leading and empowering our team to provide great solutions and results to our valued clients.”



David is General Manager for ALPINE in Australia, with over 30 years of experience in bulk material handling equipment for the mining industry. David is responsible for the successful execution of design, supply, install and construction projects in Australia and is involved in all aspects of the project process, including design and engineering, project management, procurement, construction, quality and commissioning.


“Having started my career as a design draftsman, I have a strong background in design and engineering activities, so I have a particular focus on quality designs and equipment that is compliant to all relevant standards and client specifications, is cost effective to manufacture, install and operate, and meets the project and customer requirements.”


Jacques is responsible for ALPINE’s business in Sub-Sahara Africa. He has spent most of his career in the Mining and Bulk Materials Handling industry. Over the past 12 years, he has been in various management roles in the Bulk Materials Handling industry and at the driving end of the successful execution of a number of large multidisciplinary projects – Stackers, Reclaimers, Combination Machines, Tipplers, Long Overland Conveyors to mention a few.
“I have a passion for building a strong team that can operate in the challenging African environment which will allow ALPINE in Africa to become the leading Bulk Materials Handling solutions providers to our clients, an employer of choice, and a business partner to our suppliers.”


Mauritz manages ALPINE’s Project Execution and oversees the Supply Chain team. He holds a PEng. certification in Mechanical Engineering and has 13 years of experience in Bulk Materials Handling within multinational organizations. His expertise lies in integrating technical and commercial aspects to meet customer needs, quality standards, and deadlines, while managing extensive materials handling projects throughout their lifecycle. Mauritz has effectively managed construction sites with over 1000 workers, maintaining an excellent safety record. Embracing collaborative work, Mauritz is dedicated to a structured approach to project objectives and enjoys tackling unique challenges.
“My focus is on meticulous and accurate planning and optimization, and transparent communication to ensure smooth project performance, trustworthy and reliable timelines, ultimately providing the customer with certainty during execution.”


Barbara is responsible for leading ALPINE’s global Supply Chain, bringing 18 years of experience in Bulk Material Handling and Mining Business while overseeing Procurement, Transport & Logistics for major Mining Projects globally. She is renowned as a Heavy Lift Shipment expert and an authority on complex VAT matters worldwide. Barbara manages all supply chain aspects, devising profitable project strategies, fostering strong supplier relationships, and tailoring supply chain solutions to meet customer needs. As a leader, Barbara embodies a self-driven, open-minded leadership style and prioritizes employee satisfaction for overall success, recognizing the employees’ vital role in the positive project outcomes.
“Our success depends on dedicated, fulfilled employees. Leading at ALPINE, I recognize their value. Motivated and satisfied teams are key for our and our clients’ success.”

Our Experts

At ALPINE, we have a team of experts who are passionate about delivering the best solutions for your needs. Whether you need studies for developing greenfield projects or brownfield expansions, design and delivery of new equipment, enhanced parts and maintenance support, or lifecycle extension services (such as refurbishments, upgrades, or modernizations), we have the skills and experience in our team to make it happen. You can trust these experts to provide you with high-quality, innovative, and creative services that will exceed your expectations.


With over 35 years in Bulk Material Handling, Arndt excels in designing stockyard and port machines, having completed 100+ new machine designs worldwide in his 20-year tenure as a structural design engineer. For the past 15 years, he has focused on Aftermarket projects, achieving success in over 30 projects related to lifetime extension and upgrades. With a master’s degree in structural and civil engineering, welding design expertise, and mechanical engineering experience, Arndt, as head of special projects, offers a well-rounded skill set essential for developing the best tailored solutions.
“Not everything that is old does necessarily need to be replaced. It’s the mix of passion for projects and experience that leads to the ‘out-of-box’ solutions all clients appreciate.”


Joachim is responsible for ALPINE’s Engineering team and holds a structural engineering degree and RPEQ certification. With 20 years in Bulk Material Handling and Mining, he initially focused on designing rail and crawler mounted equipment and was responsible for over 25 high-capacity machines in Australia, Americas, Africa, and Europe. He actively participates in the tender phase, tailoring engineering solutions to customer needs, and ensures project execution aligns with stringent quality standards.
“My primary passion lies in collaborating with our engineering teams and customers to design and implement sustainable materials handling and mining equipment projects, delivering lasting value.”


Rudolf works as a project engineer for ALPINE with a specialization in the development and design of open pit mining and bulk materials handling equipment. In 1995 Rudolf graduated with a B.S. from the Technical College for Mechanical Engineering in Zeltweg and has been working in the industry ever since, amounting to over 28 years of experience. He has worked on machines all over the world, including Portal Scraper Reclaimers, Ship loaders, Drum Reclaimers, Stackers, Bucket Wheel Reclaimers, Stacker/Reclaimers, and Grab Type Ship Unloaders. Through his vast experience, Rudolf is recognized as one of the top experts in the industry, having developed key qualifications in design and development of open pit mining and bulk materials handling machines and project engineering of surface mining and material handling equipment.


Karl is a Senior Project Engineer with ALPINE and specializes in the development and design of open pit mining and bulk material handling equipment. He graduated with a B.S. from Technical college for mechanical engineering in 1991 and has been working as a mechanical engineer ever since. Karl has over 30 years of experience working on machines such as Circular Stacker/Reclaimers, Portal Scraper Reclaimers, Ship loaders, Bucket Wheel Reclaimers, Spreaders, and Crushing Stations all over the world. His many years of experience have granted him recognition as one of the top experts in the industry and given him a multitude of skills in the industry, including design, project engineering, commissioning, and testing of open pit mining and bulk material handling machines.


Markus works as a Senior Project Engineer for ALPINE, specializing in open pit mining and bulk material handling equipment. He graduated with a B.S. Automation Engineering degree in Vienna, Austria, and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has since furthered his education by graduating from the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, DI (FH) with distinction in 2006, and taking the Sandvik international Mining and Construction School corporate course from mining engineers. Through his vast hands-on and educational experience, Markus has developed strong qualifications in the industry, such as project engineering for open pit mining and bulk material handling machines in port and stockyard applications and designing of surface mining and bulk materials handling equipment.


Gernot works as a Senior Project Engineer with ALPINE and specializes in the development and design of open pit mining and bulk material handling equipment. Graduating from Montanuniversität Leoben with a Master of Science in 2012, he went straight into a Mechanical Engineering career. With over ten years of experience, Gernot has developed many skills relating to the industry, including designing and developing, project engineering, commissioning, and testing of open pit mining and bulk material handling machines, including Bucket Wheel Excavators, Beltwagons, Spreaders, Fully/ Semi-Mobile and Fixed Crushing Stations, Transport Crawlers, Stackers, Bucket Wheel Reclaimers, and Stacker/Reclaimers.


Trevor is a registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia, and also holds a variety of mining and project management diplomas from schools such as Colorado School of Mines and University of New South Wales. Trevor started in the Materials Handling industry 20 years ago designing conveyor pulleys. Over the last 15+ years he played a paramount role in many new supply and upgrade projects while bringing exceptional results due to a strong understanding of the client needs, along with developing unique application solutions.
“After many years of on-site experience in both delivery of new equipment and machine upgrades, the experience of delivering a successful project never gets old. I thoroughly enjoying working closely with clients to find solutions that bring tangible value for them.”


Wolfgang is responsible for managing ALPINE’s proposal team. Wolfgang started in Bulk Material Handling and Mining business in 2007. In the first 10 years, his tasks ranged from drafting in the first years to design and being a technical lead of rail and crawler mounted equipment. He worked on more than 20 machines in almost all regions of the world, including Australia, Europe, Africa and Americans. Since 2017 he moved into a Technical Sales role, leading a product line and collaborating with teams around the globe. He is developing customized engineering solutions in the tender phase, in conjunction with customer´s requirements.
“My passion is working in a global environment and managing the team to offer customized solutions that build long term relationships with our customers.”


Peter oversees commercial sales support for ALPINE’s global sales organization, drawing on 30 years of expertise in mechanical engineering for conveyors and mining equipment. With over 17 years of experience in engineering, sales, sales support, and project management, he has successfully established a conveyor engineering team in China and led the implementation of several IPCC projects. As the head of global commercial sales support, Peter has played a key role in securing over 20 stockyard and mining projects across Asia, Europe, Australia, North Africa, and South America.
“My passion is to drive ALPINE’s reputation as a trusted partner in bulk material handling across global mining, stockyard, and port industries.”


Luc has extensive hands-on expertise in heavy engineering and mining sectors, making him highly knowledgeable in this field. His proficiency lies in various areas, including mine and process plant development, conceptual engineering, and the complete execution of large-scale capital systems. Throughout his career, he has actively participated in numerous projects across the globe, with a specific emphasis on handling “large throughputs”. His ability to conduct comprehensive equipment investigations and meticulously analyze capital and operational expenses provides valuable insights for project implementation. He has successfully guided multiple initiatives from their initial concept stages to full commissioning, offering invaluable support throughout the entire development process. Luc has presented at international conferences including IPCC 2022, where he delivered a paper on a fully continuous IPCC system in Brazil.


Rakesh manages the ALPINE India design team, overseeing global design and detailing services. With a Mechanical Engineering background, Rakesh has over 16+ years of experience in the field of design, drafting, detail-engineering, and 3D modeling of various bulk materials handling machines worldwide, giving him both crucial technical and leadership expertise. His effective communication and interpersonal skills allow him to work effectively with team members, stakeholders, and clients. Rakesh has been instrumental in implementing processes that improve efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.
“My focus is to cultivate an innovative mindset within the team, fostering adaptability to evolving project requirements. I am committed to implementing rigorous quality control measures to uphold high design standards, ensuring consistency and excellence in our engineering deliverables.”



David is responsible for the global conveyor business at ALPINE, with an associate diploma in structural engineering, a trade certificate in drafting, and over 30 years of experience in the efficient and effective coordination of design activities for surface and underground conveyors in the mining industry. This includes full turnkey conveyor solutions and/or individual conveyor components for overland conveyors, plant conveyors, underground materials handling systems, mobile systems, surface stockpiling and reclaiming, and relocatable conveyors.


“I have worked on conveyors for my entire working career, so have an intimate knowledge on all aspects of conveyors and their installation, operation and maintenance in the surface and underground mining industries.”


Wolfgang manages ALPINE’s Electrical & Control Execution Team, overseeing the entire project lifecycle from Sales & Proposal Support to engineering, project execution, and customer service. With over 20 years in Bulk Material Handling and Surface Mining, he initially focused on onsite installation and commissioning, progressing to lead multinational Engineering and Service Teams since 2012. Overseeing the realization of over 50 rail- and crawler-mounted machines, Wolfgang boasts extensive experience in stockyard and mining equipment. A forward-thinking and self-motivated leader, he brings a strong technical and managerial background to his role.
”My intent is always to find the best solution for all parties involved while never compromising delivery on budget, on time, and to specifications.”


Rene is in charge of all quality related tasks as well as the procurement of steel fabrication. He has been in the mining industry since 2006 and was responsible for major bulk handling projects in Europe, but also South America, South Africa, North America, Asia, and Australia. As a cross-cultural competent person, he is mainly responsible for welding for steel structures and corrosion protection as well as the supervision at the fabricator. Being hands-on he focuses on fabrication related processes, both quality and optimisation wise.
“Proper planning is crucial but also swift re-acting to unpredictable events is the key to deliver quality in time and fulfill the clients’ expectations.”


Markus, a Civil Engineering graduate, has been engaged in the Bulk Materials handling and Mining sector for nearly 20 years. Within ALPINE, he oversees structural calculations and project layout from tendering to commissioning. His role encompasses driving engineering aspects to deliver top-quality machines and ensuring close collaboration with clients, focusing on profitability and sustainability. Throughout his career, Markus has designed over 25 machines situated across various continents, with a particular emphasis on the Australian and South American markets.
“By fostering close and collaborative partnerships between customers and suppliers, we can find suitable solutions that meet the needs of all parties involved, regardless of the requirements.”

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