Safety Conscious Design

All industrial machines and systems need to be designed and manufactured in accordance with governing safety codes such as those prescribed by OSHA, CSA, EN, AS, CSST, etc. ALPINE works closely with its clients to review safety of equipment operation and maintenance for all areas of concern and risk, and where the client wishes to have additional “hard” or “soft” barriers. Workplace Risk Assessment and Control (WRAC) or Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) is conducted to identify hazards, related consequences, and occurrence probability; and to implement “hard” or “soft” barriers in accordance with risk ranking to address the hazards.

Maintenance Friendly Design

Proper attention to maintainability during the design phase is critical for future operation. If maintaining components is difficult, it not only impacts maintenance cost and duration (downtime), but it is often not done at required intervals, or it is simply not done at all. Therefore, making component maintenance relatively easy enhances equipment availability, reliability and longevity. ALPINE pays close attention during design to all significant maintenance aspects, such as:

Best Practice

Installations that operate near the limits understand the value of uptime and problem-free operation and efficient, timely, and preventative maintenance. ALPINE works with clients around the globe and has experience with best practices in maintenance scheduling and execution. We utilize this experience when conducting our first principles review of your maintenance procedures. We then make recommendations and assist you with implementation, training, and oversight (audits, inspections, etc.).
In case you are experiencing persisting issues and failures in your equipment, we conduct in-depth forensic failure analysis and execute repair / remediation steps to permanently solve the recurring problems. ALPINE can also assist you with optimization of operational practices to improve efficiency and decrease wear, energy consumption, and equipment damage.

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